Immortal Old Wizard


Human, male.


Belgerath, a hermetic old wizard was wandering the coastal caves on Maktig Har, and stumbled onto the troupe shortly following Koldereth’s death (see Chapter 1). He explained to them that he was cursed by the gods to live forever, as each time he had died, he had been resurrected, most recently, by The Cult, who upon failing to keep him slain had given him a tunic bearing their insignia and let him be. Seeing an opportunity to die, permanently, he struck a deal – he would resurrect Koldereth with his powerful magic, as long as they agreed to slay him in a very specific manner, namely to behead him, and burn the remains and crush the bones all except his skull, which they must make sure will not get destroyed. The troupe agreed and Koldereth was returned to them and Belgerath was slain. Gideon carries Belgerath’s skull to ensure it is not accidentally destroyed.


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