Gilhrim Azarak

Agrian Warlord


It was In the “golden city" of Agria that Gilhrim Azarak – known amongst his close friends as “Fire-Heart” – was raised. While born to Stordin and Belilli Azarak in a small township to the north, Gilhrim moved to Agria at the age of nine after the death of his father. Years later, Belilli Azarak travelled to the royal city of Maedirn to live with her new husband. And in sturdy hands, Gilhrim grew up living with his uncle Brignaf and his two cousins Tsvolat and Zoltan. The three cousins quickly built a solid friendship and now see each other like brothers, the Azarak youths are well known around the merchants’ district of Agria.

Over the decades since, Gilhrim has gained experience in a number of professions, ranging from mercenary to shop keeper. However, he has a distinct skill for forging weapons and is regarded as a first-rate weaponsmith with an exceptional talent for crafting fine blades. Through countless hours spent at Brignaf’s smithy forging a range of weapons for trade at shops dotted across Agria and beyond, Gilhrim has amassed considerable expertise in the field of metalsmithing. Aside from general trade, Gilhrim has also found work crafting weapons to fulfil special orders for passing merchants and mercenaries, and occasionally doing weapon maintenance and repairs for the town guard.

Gilhrim Azarak

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