Jarrod Malneah

Representative of the Gosser Family


Human, male


Retainer of the Gosser family, Jarrod lived in Port Skarsgaard along with his wife and child. He was involved mainly in trade dealings of the legitimate and semi-legitimate variety.

Jarrod put word out that the Gosser family was interested in procuring the barrels stolen from Hansi’s warehouse, so the troupe contacted him through Halidus Foxwood and The Blackspear Gang for a trade, but could not come to an agreement on the terms of the trade. Jarrod took a sample of the liquid to a local shop-keep to verify it’s authenticity, stalked by the stealthy Pontius Glaw. The Jarrod and the shop-keep agreed to meet in a back alley across town with someone from Baldersbalet about how to get the barrels from the troupe in, perhaps, less savory ways, but the shop-keep appeared to be working for someone else and double crossed Jarrod. Jarrod was killed by being stabbed by the shop-keep in the neck with a vial containing a murky red liquid which caused him to become host to the Balgura demon Naarash. The shop-keep then took his own life.

The troupe took Jarrod’s body back to Foxwood Manor to see if they could communicate with his spirit, and they were able to find only that someone working for the Gosser’s in Baldersbalet was after the barrels.

Jarrod Malneah

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