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  • Evar Lightouch

    Evar met [[:gideon-toma | Gideon]] and [[:koldereth-bloodtread | Koldereth]] before they set out for [[Wintersbreach]] and offered them a place to stay if they were ever in [[Port Skarsgaard]]. He is married to an elf named [[:gelinnasbes-lightouch | …

  • Koldereth Bloodtread

    A ranger, whose entire family was killed, died once, but was resurrected by Belgerath, met at The Herald of July, the seas of Okhtosh.

  • Udokal

    Chief elder of the elves of [[Earthreach]] in [[The Forest of Silver Leaves]], he leads the oldest community of civilised folk still in Wintersbreach. In the past Earthreach was visited by [[:gamamil | Gamamil]], so he and Udokal became friends and was …

  • Viltarn Vettea

    Ex-military ranger/bounty hunter, hates orcs, met at [[Port Skarsgaard]]. h3. Viltarn and the Orcs of Malark There they lie’, Eldoran pointed into the far distance. We sat, crouched at the highest lip edge of the crater-like landscape. It hadn’t …

  • Yenfire

    Gatekeeper of [[Earthreach]], Yenfire makes sure that unwanted interlopers in [[The Forest of Silver Leaves]] do not find it's secret entrance.

  • Pontius Glaw

    h3. The Rise of Pontius Glaw Pontius was adopted by House Glaw at age 4 when his parents perished during a Drow invasion on the surface. House Glaw at the time was one of many smaller powers in the Drow society, a nation fragmented into opposing …

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