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  • Abeyoueth

    Abeyoueth was first encountered in Mount Nord on the Island of [[Maktig Har]] (see [[Chapter 1]]). A cult of Kobolds had set up in the neighboring caves to worship her, and were planning to sacrifice [[:grotto-finchley-o-bonnet-ramage | Grotto]] to her …

  • Amymone

    Dwells in the forest of [[Ins Namav Great Fyr]], and holds a retinue of various fey creatures all vying for her affection due to her unequaled beauty - the troupe never actually met Amymone, but know her by reputation from the fey gnomes [[:eribots | …

  • Saorise

    h3. Saorise and the Gypsies Saoirise was born into a small Eladrin community that exists somewhere between the Feywild and the Middle World, phasing between the two with the crescent moon. It can be found, on occasion, on the banks of the mighty Eowyn …

  • Beatrix

    Beatrix is one of the most highly sought whores at [[The Hell Diver's Club]] or perhaps even all of [[Baldersbalet]], and is often host for the various underground pit fights hosted there. As part of a scam, she helped to trick the troupe into a pit fight …

  • Cassy Warren

    Married to [[:blasko-warren | Blasko Warren]], Cassy is [[:roche | Captain Roche's]] daughter. Now a widow.

  • Keira

    Barmaid at The Seaspray in [[Port Skarsgaard]], was betrayed by a previous group of adventurers leaving her unable to save her dying grandfather, and as such harbors a great distrust for wandering adventurers.

  • Magoza

    Chief guard, in [[Flesk og Mjod]] and advisor to [[:tolmar | Tolmar]], Magoza is a fierce and unrelenting warrior, but her relative levelheadedness compared to her peers has had her rise above even the male orcish warriors, much to their chagrin.

  • Skipjoy

    [[:halidus-foxwood | Halidus Foxwood's]] partner, and member of [[The Blackspear Gang]], she lives with Halidus at [[Foxwood Manor]].

  • Belquin

    [[:baden | Baden's]] search for Belquin took him to [[Maktig Har]] where he first joined on with the troupe at [[The Twilight Tavern]]. Although he did not find her there, in exchange for a favour to be paid back later, [[:abeyoueth | Abeyoueth]] let him …

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