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  • Gozak

    Gozak, primarily works as a blacksmith for the Orcs of [[Flesk og Mjod]], but also, when called to, is good chef and competent torturer. He doesn't revel in torturing people, but he doesn't mind doing it either. Gozak was the one responsible for branding …

  • Magoza

    Chief guard, in [[Flesk og Mjod]] and advisor to [[:tolmar | Tolmar]], Magoza is a fierce and unrelenting warrior, but her relative levelheadedness compared to her peers has had her rise above even the male orcish warriors, much to their chagrin.

  • Mallic

    Mallic is an old orcish shaman, and although lives among them, sits aloof. His deep respect for nature makes him wise and powerful, so despite his deformities he is respected by the orcs of [[Flesk og Mjod]], especially [[:tolmar | Tolmar]] the chieftain, …

  • Tolmar

    Chieftain of the orcs of [[Flesk og Mjod]], he has become antagonistic toward outsiders as he believes he has been betrayed by the people of [[Thyrfing]], Flesk og Mjod's only trade partners. Tolmar was the one that gave the killing blow to [[:viltarn- …

  • Yargak

    Yargak is one of [[:tolmar | Tolmar's]] guards, but Fell in love with [[:saorise | Saorise]] during her incarceration at [[Flesk og Mjod]] and aided in her escape (unbeknownst to the other orcs).

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