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  • The Welp's Wife

    A mysterious woman spawned at will by [[:the-welp | The Welp]] who beckons him to touch her, and calls him her husband, but falls to ashes at his touch. Whether she is real or not is up to debate, but her existence in The Welp's prison is simply part of …

  • The Welp

    This withered creature had been held prisoner for uncountable years in a prison built by the mysterious ancients known as [[The Three]], inside an established prison built by the Olman people of South Merdania, but relocated by powerful magics to [[The …

  • Melvin

    Melvin lives in [[Baldersbalet]] and operates a steam barge that travels up and down the River Sublashyrkh, that hunters can use to transport their quarries back to town to sell.

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