Here you’ll find the various context and back-stories surrounding the main adventure.

Character Background

Koldereth Bloodtread and the Blacksmith of Agria

How a wintertouched elf of the far north came to live with the Azarak family in Agria.

A Consolidated History of the Agrian Azaraks

The stories of a family of stalwart dwarves from the sandy land of Agria.

The Rise and Fall of the Tomas of Tor’ca

The relationship between the humans and fey elves of the icy northern land of Tor’ca, that spurned Gideon on his adventure.

Hurke – Lord of Bandits

The life of a shapeshifting doppelganger can lead to unusual places.

Saorise and the Gypsies of Kawaguchi

A small hamlet of eladrin have a visit from vistani gypsies that ends in tragedy.

Viltarn Vettea and the Orcs of Malark

Hundreds of years ago a great kingdom of elves came into conflict with a horde of rampaging orcs.

The Rise of Pontius Glaw

The feydark is a brutal and unforgiving place, and those that grow up there end up as brutal and unforgiving as their home.

Story Background

Gideon Toma and the Lornalor Execution

A travelling wizard’s hubris brings him into conflict with an isolated hamlet of superstitious zealots. (Occurs before the Prologue).

The Orange Groves of Lavernon

A rich entrepreneur’s home becomes a battleground, forging the friendship of a handful of heroes through a baptism of fire. (Occurs before the Prologue).

Saorise Returns to Selmmor

Saorise’s friend asks her to investigate some strange goings on for him, but that necessitates travel through a town of cagey eladrin. (Occurs during Chapter 1).

Grotto Arrives in Wintersbreach

A pirate that took to the sea to avoid the consequences of his recent escapades gets more than he bargains for on the high seas. (Occurs during the Prologue).

Meanwhile at the Twilight Tavern

Gideon and Balthazaar leave the troupe to head into the fey. The trip takes them far from Wintersbreach, and they cross an old friend who’s headed in the opposite direction. (Occurs during Chapter 1).


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