Largest city in Wintersbreach, and no-one is quite sure why. It flourished and people flocked to settle there despite effectively being in a rather inhospitable area and being the farthest town from the coast. Barren thrives on trade and has many goods of every kind for sale.
It has a large keep in its centre, and ever growing larger concentric circles of fortifications.

King Pavor’s brother, Nicholas Noct was the king’s prime advisory (they basically ruled as two kings) and Barren’s military leader, but as the king aged he grew more and more senile, so Nicholas organised a coup to take the throne – with limited success, half the army joined with him, half stayed loyal to the king, now the army (led by Nicholas) kicked the king out whilst he and his half-army lay siege against Barren. It was a very non-violent siege though, they still let vital supplies through, just no luxuries, shutting down the business of Barren and leaving its economy at a stand still. The siege was ended by a group of adventurers who took a letter of surrender through a secret passage from the King outside to his brother on the inside. It allowed Pavor to remain king, but gave Nicholas official power when it came to governing the kingdom.

Notable Denizens

Merka the Dragonborn smith lives here, he’s an architect now, but he used to make weapons with arcane seals, that prevented them from being used by anyone but their owner.


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