Earthreach is the oldest active elven settlement in Wintersbreach and is nestled in well hidden valley surrounded on all sides (save for a few concealed passages) by a great wall of thorny briars.

The trees are huge here, sporting doors and windows that glow with warm light and have colourful cottage gardens in front of them, and the edges of the town seem to be an almost impenetrable wall of thorny briars, that would take days if not longer to hack through to make passage. The rough forest floor of gnarled roots and brittle twigs is replaced by a blanket of moss, the elven villagers wandering comfortably without shoes. The glade has a complex criss cross of shallow streams trickling serenely, that are bridged periodically by living bridges grown from woven saplings. In the center of town there is a large egg shaped boulder carved with broad swirls and intricate knotwork, skirted by smaller stone pylons that glow softly with luminous lichen.

Campaign Notes

After hearing from Morgendaan that the elves here speak of Gideon Toma, the troupe decided to make a detour to find out more. From the elven elder, Udokal, they learned that Gamamil had visited many years ago and told them of Gidon’s coming, but the answers were in an aberrant area of forest to the north of Earthreach called Unbaraki.


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