Flesk og Mjod


Flesk og Mjod is a settlement high above the ocean, between the Cliffs of Mjod and the Peaks of Flesk in the south-west of Wintersbreach. Due to the brutality of orcish nature it is very rare for orcs to gather in any great number – tribalism and disorganisation usually prevent a congealment like this, but Flesk og Mjod is the exception (aside from the orcish army that was formed because of the leadership and manipulation of a powerful sorcerer in the southern lands a few hundred years ago).
In a rare instance of relative civility, the orcs in Flesk og Mjod have a stable society that has even had peaceful relations with their neighbors in Thyrfing, trading mostly in muscle as orcs can make effective mercenaries, but also as trackers and hunters. This is mostly to do with the leadership of their chieftain Tolmar and his wisely picked subordinates, Mallic, Magoza and others.
The day to day society is still telling of the nature of orcs, however as fights to the death, cannibalism, slavery and rape are still prevalent among them. Despite this, the orcs still have a few humans living there, though these men and women are either necessarily hardy or live as second class citizens.
One reason that these orcs have perhaps integrated somewhat better than others is that they do not greatly care for their patron deity, Grumuush, whose tenets are highly antisocial, but rather, the orcs of Flesk og Mjod are spiritually linked to the primal energies of their home, rites of passage often involving survival in the extremes of the nearby mountains.

Campaign Notes

After escaping from The Caverns of Aurlag Tur, with the help of Frosk & Karnaz, the troupe tried to take refuge from the horde of craud pursuing them, not knowing that Flesk og Mjod was an orcish settlement. The orcs were able to defeat the craud, but took the troupe as prisoners and put them to work as slaves.
They learned from a human there that the relationship with the human settlement Thyrfing had soured due to a number of orcish groups going missing on trips there, so Tolmar and his tribe were taking their revenge, in a way, by mistreating the new prisoners who they assumed must have come from there. The troupe spent a week incarcerated before making good their escape (which did not go unnoticed) and fleeing back to Port Skarsgaard.

Flesk og Mjod

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