Spiteful Queen of Maktig Har


Ancient Blue Dragon
Gargantuan natural magical beast (dragon)


Abeyoueth was first encountered in Mount Nord on the Island of Maktig Har (see Chapter 1). A cult of Kobolds had set up in the neighboring caves to worship her, and were planning to sacrifice Grotto to her before his rescue. Despite Gilhrim’s fervor to “slay the beast” Abeyoueth was merely annoyed by his outburst and allowed them to leave (mostly) unscathed on the condition that they split the gold they find on the island with her. At Castle Giresku she even aided them in searching shipwrecks in the cliffs below for gold, but by the time the troupe were ready to leave the island, her mutual enmity with Gilhrim had escalated and she threatened to sink their ship if they didn’t leave Gilhrim on the island with her. They decided to hide Gilhrim and leave anyway, so when Abeyoueth returned she was livid but before she could destroy the ship she was attacked by a rogue kraken (see Chapter 2) and that was the last they saw of her.
Abeyoueth is owed a favour by Baden, that she intends to cash in at a later date because she gave him information on his lost love Belquin who had snuck her way in with The Cult.
As part of the loot they had to share with her, Abeyoueth took one of The Crystals.


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