Chapter Summaries

Here you’ll find dot-point summaries of the major occurrences since the start of the campaign.


Five adventurers sail toward Wintersbreach when their ship is attacked by goblin pirates!

Chapter 1

“The Island of Maktig Har”
To avoid being deported, the adventurers sail to Maktig Har to search for missing villagers.

Chapter 2

“Twilight of the Kraken Hunters”
A long dormant sea monster has started to terrorize local sailors, so a crew of gnomish submariners seek to trap it in it’s home.

Chapter 3

“Sinister Machinations”
On the trail of a mysterious and volatile substance, the adventurers have dealings with various shady characters.

Chapter 4

“The Wild Hunt”
To further their quest among cults and criminals, the troupe ventures into the forest to find a ferocious beast.

Chapter 5

“The Sins of the Father”
A local lordling has secrets the troupe needs, but how are they to unlock them from his comatose mind?

Chapter 6

“Shadows of Former Glory”
Due to flooding, something old becomes unearthed in the troupe’s new home, sending them on a jaunt into the Shadowfell.

Chapter 7

“The Darkest of Hearts”
With a new lead on the Cult of the Kollossi, the party heads to the floating city of Blackwater.

Chapter Summaries

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