Baldersbalet is a mining town just south of The Forest of Silver Leaves, that although strictly speaking is under the reign of the kingship in Barren, is run almost entirely be prosperous criminal families. Baldersbalet enjoys a lax sense of law wherein acts that go punished in other towns are perfectly acceptable here, and such has rampant crime, prostitution, gambling, arena fights and other debauchery are prevalent.
The only things that are punished, and with a swift and thorough response, are those activities opposed by the ruling families, who hire a militia of the most intimidating sort. As such, traders and other services enjoy relative safety from crime because anything that makes the ruling class gold get’s preferential treatment.

Baldersbalet’s population swells in the summer, because the city holds an arena games spectacular every year (for paying customers, of course), which involves all manner of gladiatorial fights and other blood sports. For the rest of the year, the fights get smaller and go underground to the various pit-fight venues across the city, where gladiators train for the main event in the following summer.

Campaign Notes

Jarrod Malneah’s spirit, summoned by Pontius Glaw, told him that his employers, the Gosser family, were the ones after the barrels containing the mysterious black liquid, and that the Gosser’s were based out of Baldersbalet.
It was in Baldersbalet that the troupe met Elias Stone and Morgendaan and started their quest to capture a grand creature fitting of next summer games’ theme, “The Wild Hunt”, as a way to impress the games’ organisers and get access to the Gosser family.


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