Chapter 1

The Secret of the Brightstar Isle

• Upon arrival at Port Skarsgaard, Sherriff Halford arrested the group for piracy but due to the favour that they had earned freeing the missing villages from the slave ship he gave them an ultimatum: work for the crown or be deported.
• They chose to investigate the missing villagers, journeying to The Island of Maktig Har because there had been a strange fireball that shot out of the mountain there up into the sky, returning only recently.
• On the way one of the ship’s crew was gravely injured, so they were dropped off with a promise from Captain Roche that he would return as soon as possible.
• The captain told them that his son-in-law was one of the missing persons, so if they found him to bring him back.
• Once on the island, Koldereth was killed by cave-fishers.
• An old wizard named Belgerath found them and offered to resurrect Koldereth on the condition that they destroy Belgerath by burning his body and crushing his bones but keeping his skull safe, so that he himself could not be resurrected (as he had grown tired of immortality). They complied and Koldereth was resurrected, Gideon keeping Belgerath’s skull.
• Before his death, Belgerath advised that the cult they were following were active at Castle Giresku in the north, and at Mount Nord in the south, which is where the troupe went first.

• In the excavations at Mt. Nord they found the cultist’s encampment that had been abandoned and subsequently inhabited by the kobolds keeping Grotto captive. They freed him and went further into the caves.
• Among the recent excavations they found an ancient shrine featuring three statues of bearded men each with a rune on his chest, “Mo”, “Sh” and “Ah”.
• They found evidence of volcanic activity, as well as a caldera filled with ash that had blackened silhouettes burned into the walls.
• They also found one of Grotto’s crew, Samuel, fused into a rock, but alive. Samuel explained that they were taken to this place, with many other prisoners for a ritual surrounding a magical crystal, which Samuel stole during the ritual but could not escape before a bright light from the sky came and caused some catastrophic event that fused him with a rock.
• Samuel agreed to give them the crystal if they promised to find the magic capable of reversing his situation. They agreed and smashed the crystal out of Samuel’s fused stone grip.
• In antechambers off the caldera they found a room full of fused skeletons, and another room full of unfused, unburned corpses that had evidence of being subjected to the black liquid.
• On their way out they walked into an ancient blue dragon’s lair. The dragon, Abeyoueth, let them live as long as they agreed to share loot from the island with her. Gilhrim insulted her, but she let him live after she had beaten him.
• Half way to Castle Giresku they stumbled upon a tavern in the middle of the forest.
• They entered for shelter and food, but the patrons and publican were jackleweres laying a trap.
• After slaying the jackleweres the tavern phased into the feywild, which was full of elven and eladrin patrons.
• It turned out the jacklewere magic had prevented The Twilight Tavern from phasing as it would normally, and the fey patrons were concerned but helpless to do anything.
• Seeing an opportunity to pursue the mysteries of his past, Gideon left the group, but a shapeshifter named Baden was keen to explore Maktig Har looking for a friend of his, and decided to go with the others.
• Another patron there, the eladrin sorceress Saorise, was interested in finding out what was happening on Maktig Har, so she followed them at a distance to Castle Giresku.
• They cleared the castle of it’s goblinkind squatters, and Abeyoueth came to check on them, proposing that she would take them to the base of the cliffs below to allow them to dive for treasure in the many shipwrecks that had been smashed on that particular piece of coastline. They did, and shared the loot with her.
• They found an entrance to catacombs beneath the castle that were far older than the castle itself, and as they went down, Saorise decided to introduce herself.
• In the dungeon they found magical traps and strange mirrors, as well as the remains of the cult’s activity.
• They found cages labelled “control” and separate rooms labelled “experiment”. Grotto recalled that his incarceration at the hands of the cultists was here.
• They also found Roche’s son-in-law and another man left in two cages. He explained that the cultists had tortured them with the black liquid, having them imbibe it, injecting them with it, and other things, and that it had cause people exposed to it to become monsters.
• He asked for both of them to be killed as a precaution, but the other man wanted to live long enough to find a cure. Baden killed them both.
• They found a library of books, but they were all burned.
• They encountered a creature apparently made of blinding light, that attacked them. It used a crystal to open a portal through which it escaped, but Grotto managed to steal the crystal. The creature smashed the crystal’s key-setting plinth before jumping through the waning portal, preventing anyone from following it.
• On their way out they discovered a secret room featuring another shrine with the three statues of bearded men, like in Mount Nord.
• In the shrine was an ancient book filled with strange prose, and when they picked the book up, the room went dark, save for the scratches in the wall glowing in sequences that revealed a race of 6-armed creatures worshiping eyes in the sky. A giant eye opened up in the ceiling as if awakened after a long slumber and appeared to look at the group with fury before disappearing.
• They traveled to where the ship was waiting to pick them up and found that Abeyoueth was waiting for them.
• As part of their deal to share loot, Abeyoueth took one of the crystals they had found.
• She, as part of repaying Gilhrim’s insult gave him an ultimatum (that he would not let her share with him privately), to stay on the island with her, or after a day and a night at sea suffer her wrath as she sinks the ship. She departed and the group agreed to hide Gilhrim and try to trick Abeyoueth when she returned.
• A storm rolled in after a day and a night, and a submarine containing a gnomish crew surfaced beside them, asking them about the local area, but suddenly fled at the sight of Abeyoueth’s return, who was furious and demanded to know where Gilhirm was, but before she could execute her threats the boat, and the dragon were attacked by a kraken.
• In the ensuing battle, they managed to escape, and sailed back to port.

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Chapter 1

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