Chapter 4

The Wild Hunt

Gideon performed a ritual on the black liquid to learn it’s origins, revealing a dark crystal in a ruined temple somewhere being the source of it’s creation.
• They learned that they have been suspected by the watch for being involved in Jarrod Mallneah’s death, but a lack of evidence is keeping them from being accused.
• On the road to Baldersbalet they passed a gypsy caravan that were interested in trading with them until they saw Pontius for some reason. Grotto bullied them into handing over a sample of their rum and weed.
• One of the gypsies recognised Saoirise and indicated that he wanted to talk to her next time they crossed paths.
• They arrived at Tyster pa Gud to stay the night out of a storm, but a woman begged them to help her with something.
• At her farm, she revealed that she thought her child was possessed, and after some investigation, they found that the child had been kidnapped and replaced by a shapeshifting fey creature.
• This creature told them that three gnomes who live in the nearby forest took the child and to go talk to them.
• The three gnomes bargained for a favour in return for the child – a dead friend of theirs needed a burial, so our heroes took the body to bury it in a nearby graveyard.
• The graveyard was ancient and tainted with dark energy so when they begun digging, the dead stirred and attacked them.
• During the fight Gilhrim was beaten and frozen to death by a pair of chillborn zombies.
• They completed their task and returned to the farm with Gilhrim’s body, to find that the child had been returned to it’s family.
• Gideon translated a dwarven letter on Gilhrim’s corpse indicating that Gilhrim’s uncle was dying and that his cousins were on their way to Wintersbreach to return a cursed artefact.
• They decided to leave Gilhrim with the family they stayed with and continue on to Baldersbalet, and had to fend off a gnoll attack on the way.
• Arriving at Baldersbalet, they failed to find a nice place to stay and ended up in the dodgy south quarter.
• They spent the next day searching for someone willing to talk about the Gosser family, but failed to do so, and someone took advantage of them by sending them to The Hell Diver’s Club (a brothel/opium den/underground fight club) where they were tricked into a pit fight with sewer monsters.
• The fight was spectacular and they won the heart of the crowd, earning them the interest of a gladiatorial agent, Elias Stone.
• Elias explained that if you weren’t rich, then getting famous would get them access to the Gosser’s more exclusive events and that there were two ways to get there: rising to the top of the off-season gladiator fights or bringing in exciting monsters to fight in the summer games.
• Elias introduced them to Morgendaan his game-master who was willing to show them the best hunting grounds in The Forest of Silver Leaves. Morgendaan also told them that the name Gideon Toma was spoken of amongst the elves in the forest.
• Gilhrim’s cousin Tsvolat managed to track the troupe down, in search of Gilhrim (as mentioned in the letter found among Gilhrim’s effects) and upon hearing of Gilhrim’s demise was determined to help finish what Gilhrim had started.
• They decided to go into the forest to capture a creature worthy of the games, but to first go to Earthreach, where it is rumoured that Gideon’s name is spoken among it’s people.
• At Eathreach they learned that Gamamil, (Gideon’s old mentor) had been there, but to find out why, they would have to travel to an unmapped area of the forest called Unbaraki, with only Gamamil’s journal as a guide.
• Unbaraki appeared to be an aberrant area of jungle in the middle of the forest and thanks to Gamamil’s journal they found an Olman temple entrance, which caused a cave in when opened. The Olman people never set foot on this continent, the temple’s origin was a mystery.
• In the depths of the dungeon they found a dungeon set up by the same people who built the dungeons on Maktig Har and were using the Olman temple to house it. It contained an emaciated man imprisoned there for potentially centuries, but upon leaving fell to ashes leaving behind an arcane crystal like those they’d found before, and a note written by those that imprisoned him.
• A tainted Deva transferred a curse to Tsvolat, petrifying him, so the others were forced to carry the statue with them.
• Exiting the ruin with the crystal they had found caused the temple to collapse, being swallowed by the earth.
• The troupe met a man, Jolnir in the forest who was on a pilgrimage of nostalgia to the places he grew up.
•Upon returning to Earthreach, the elven elders un-petrified Tsvolat, but the curse had been greater than they realised, turning him irrevocably into a Deva.
•Udokal revealed to them that Gamamil had been scouring the world collecting prophecies that lined up with each other to create a master prophecy (including some of the elves of Earthreach’s prophecies), that detailed a coming age of darkness that could be prevented by a chosen one, whom Gamamil believed was his apprentice, Gideon.


•The troupe tracked down an Owlbear in the forest, capturing and taming it enough to lead it back to the river, where they waited for a ferry to take them back to Baldersbalet.
•Elias facilitated the sale of the Owlbear for the arena games, but had bad news for Pontius – a group of drow from House Loroak had come to town and put a bounty on the dark elf’s head, exclaiming that he was the last of the Glaw bloodline, so a number of mercenaries were out to kill him.


•Deciding to lay low, the troupe split up to follow some errands – Saorise and Gideon went shopping for magical items, Tsvolat went to the temple to see about reversing his condition, and Pontius and Grotto got blotto at the pub.
•One of Grotto’s old associates drank with them, but come the morning was murdered. Through Pontius’ magic they spoke to the corpse who told them a man named Von Bismarch was out to kill him, and Grotto too, so they decided to investigate.
•Saorise and Gideon also found themselves looking for Von Bismarch, because he had a book on Banderhobbs that Gideon was interested in (according to a local ratfolk mage). They found his house abandoned, save for a group of seemingly possessed pigs, along with a list of names on a deathlist, the final name being Grotto, so set off to find him. Failing to do so, they sought Tsvolat and ended up at the temple he had visited, but discovered the priest he had talked to was gruesomely murdered.
•By the time Pontius and Grotto arrived at Von Bismarch’s house, he had been and left, leaving a diary entry revealing that he had become host to a demon, and that the demon wanted Gilhrim dead, but quickly worked out that the demon was actually talking about Tsvolat.
•Pontius, Grotto, Saorise and Gideon found their way back to the hotel in which they had stayed the previous night, but Tsvolat was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t too hard to find, however, as he had entered an arm wrestling contest in a nearby pub.
•His victory was short lived, though, as Von Bismarch, deformed by being possessed by the demon Naraash, and a horde of demon possessed pigs. Von Bismarch had been using Mire and demon’s blood in dark arts experiments, inadvertently becoming possessed. Naraash, had come to devour Tsvolat’s soul (and his new soul), but sent his pigs to wreak havoc in the town first. On Gideon’s advice, they decided to stay and defeat Naraash first, and although besting him, it allowed the possessed pigs to kill about twenty villagers.


Chapter 4

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