Saorise and the Gypsies of Kawaguchi

Saoirise was born into a small Eladrin community that exists somewhere between the Feywild and the Middle World, phasing between the two with the crescent moon. It can be found, on occasion, on the banks of the mighty Eowyn River, the village so named Kawaguchi (mouth of the river). Born to parents Seamus and Siobhan (that’s pronounced ‘Shaymuss’ and ‘Shevorn’, for those of you playing at home). At a young age, having no siblings, Saoirse befriended one of the few local humans, a girl of the gypsy travelers that had made camp just up the river. Saoirse and Naomie became fast friends, hunting together in the surrounding forests and doing other lady things. They were ladies, you see. The residents of Kawaguchi were very protective of their way of life, and were not very accepting of other cultures, believing that these gypsies weren’t worthy of their land. When Saoirses’ parents and the community elders heard of her friendship with the gypsy girl, they were furious and forbade her from seeing her ever again.

Meanwhile, there was also a curious happening, a mystery that the elders could not solve. As they were a river community, they relied heavily on fishing as a source of food, but of late, some of the villagers had been taking ill after eating the fish from the river. The Eladrin suspected that the gypsy camp upstream was poisoning their water somehow, probably a crude witchcraft, in an effort to drive them away and claim Kawaguchi for their own – which was ridiculous, actually, as the gypsies were travelers by nature and had no desire to conquer a settlement anyway (and besides, it was the trolls, even further upstream that inadvertently increased the levels of filth in the river through their poor hygiene). Hearing of Saoirse (a promising young talent that they wanted to keep all to themselves) and Naomie’s friendship, and the gypsies’ attempt at trying to break down the (metaphorical) barrier between their two worlds, the elders hatched a plan to end it all at once.

On the night of the summer solstice, when the Eladrin knew that the gypsies would be celebrating, drinking mead and stargazing, letting off fireworks and generally not paying attention, the Spriggan (a gnome corrupted by fomorian magic), so named Smidgen, under the employ of it’s Eladrin masters, snuck into the gypsy camp, stole a bunch of hay from their horses, and spread it around underneath their caravans. He carefully aimed a single firework at the centre of the camp, and waited. As the gypsies set off their fireworks down by the river, Smidgen lit his and then sauntered off into the forest to watch the nightmare unfold.

The Gypsy camp burned to the ground that night. There were many casualties, some perished in the fire, others jumped into the river to save themselves, but drowned in the panic. One body washed up on the edge of the Eladrin village. It was Naomie. And worse still, Saoirse knew who was responsible. That was the day that she left Kawaguchi, and vowed only to return when she had become powerful enough to exact vengeance on those who had done her wrong.

She wandered the lands, fleeing from her kin, and making money where she could, increasing her skills and whatnot until one day, when she’s ready, she will return.

Saorise and the Gypsies of Kawaguchi

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